If you are married and you have a son or a daughter, then someone is already sexually harassing him/her.

Even if your child has not been molested yet, he/she will VERY soon be a victim.

I know you are shocked at this point or even annoyed.

What you just read is completely true. Here's why:

A group of researchers recently found out that:


6 out of 10 children/teenagers have been sexually molested...

3 out of that 10 have had sex at the age of 12.


Dear Parent/Guardian/Counsellor,

Did you know that 95% of African Parents do not teach their children sex education?

Many parents are too shy to talk about sex with their children. 

In a perfect world, waiting until children grow to puberty stage before addressing this topic would be ideal.

Unfortunately, we are in an IMPERFECT WORLD.

 A world, so imperfect, that children suffer sexual abuse from as young as two years of age.

A world so imperfect that teachers molest innocent pupils and students.

A world where homosexuality and lesbialism are gaining grounds among teenagers.

A world where the media (social and conventional) are constantly showing pictures of nudity.

A world where pornography is just a button away from the screen of your children, no thanks to the internet.  

A world where househelps sexually abuse kids put in their custody when the parents are away from home

The list is endless...

You see, teaching your children about sexuality has never been so important.

 If you don’t teach your children the truth about SEX, they will be taught a lie by strangers.

Many people may think that only female children are victims of this. That's not entirely true!

Both the male child and the female child are being sexually molested.

Just recently, I came across the confessions of grown up men who are still suffering from the horror of sexual abuse from tender age.

See screenshots below...

This is the question asked on twitter by this lady entrepreneur

See Responses...

Here's Another Respondent...

Yet Another Respondent...

There are many more but I think I should stop here. Shouldn't I? 

Someone just whispered that I should continue. Let me share three more in quick succession

  That’s it.

The effect of child sexual abuse can be long-lasting and affect the victim’s mental health.

The brutal truth is that 21st Century parenting is a whole lot different from 19th Century parenting. 

Let's be honest, if you want to raise your children exactly the same way you were raised as a child, you would likely be a tormentor rather than a mentor to your children.

A wise man once said, "Yesterday's formular for success is almost a recipe for today's failure"

We understand that this topic can be sensitive and sometimes, anxiety-provoking for parents.

And that is why, we are introducing this detailed book about Mastering Child Sex Education For All Parents, Guardians and Counsellors

Permit me to Introduce you to this detailed Guide To 21st Century Method of Child Sex Education

Mastering The Art of Child Sex Education

The Complete Guide To Sex Educating Your Child From Age 1 - 18

This book presents you a systematic way of teaching your children sex education at every stage of their lives from age 1 to 18.

There is no job more important than parenting - Ben Carson

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