V310 Car Scanner With FREE GIFT

Discover The Car Scanner Which Every Smart Car Owner Must Have…

Don’t Let That Mechanic Extort You Or Mess Up Your Car Anymore


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This device helps you to detect the faults in your car in minutes so you can fix the exact issues/faults at lower cost and in less time.

Save yourself from guess works on your car. Don’t let mechanics use your car as experiments. Your car is far too precious for that.

This is a do-it-yourself device that helps you understand the problems of your car without spending a dime and wasting your time at automobile workshops.


Below are some of the reasons why every car owner must have this device handy at all times:

1. This device helps you know the exact problems with your car and pre-informs you about future problems that might happen to your car.

2. Just as headache could be a symptom of several ailments in human body, any malfunction in a car could be as a result of several issues. The best approach is to run a test on the car/vehicle before doing repairs. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Nigeria. So many car owners have wasted lots of money due to wrong guess works by mechanics.  There are over 3,000 possible faults in a car and this scanner can detect them all.

3. When you have this device, you detect the fault yourself before repairs, therefore you spend less money and less time in maintaining your car.

4. With this device, you can drive with much more confidence. You save yourself, your car and your mechanic from the agony of guess work.

5.  You spend less time and money to repair your car. Car diagnostic centres charge minimum N5,000 per session to scan your car. If they have to come to your home/office to scan, that’s additional money.

6. This Car Scanner can read diagnostic trouble codes and dispay their meanings. There are over 3000 generic code definition in the database.