• Superfast Popcorn Machine (Makes Your Popcorn at Home Within 5 minutes)

  • Hot Air Popcorn Popper With Wide Mouth Design

  • No Oil Required 

  • Includes measuring cup/removable lid

  • FDA Approved and BPA-Free

Remember, "A good movie is not complete without a tasty bowl of crunchy popcorn."

How Much Is This Product? 

 The Price is actually N20,000 but we are running a price splash of N5,000 that  will expire very SOON.

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Here are just a few of the reasons why you would love this product:

    • Hot Air Design: Uses a hot air popping method so no oil required. Corns are uniformly heated fast, more healthy and safe for consumption as compared to the microwaves. If you are watching your weight, a popcorn maker will cut through the calories thanks to the hot air technology used to pop instead of oil. 

    • High Efficiency: All popcorns ready in less than three minutes, And this machine pops faster than a microwave. pop each and every kernel evenly and quickly, up to 98% popping rate.

    • Healthier choice: Pops without oil for only 20 calories, no artificial flavors, saturated fats, preservatives, or added salt, makes it be a healthier popcorns.

    • Easy TO Clean: because it pops with hot air,the plastic body and base can be simply wiped with a damp cloth, and the top cover and the measuring cup can be cleaned in warm soapy water.

    • Removable Butter Warmer:  The removable butter warmer in the chute doubles as measuring cup for the right amount of popcorn kernels.

Normal Price: N20,000

PROMO PRICE = N15,000 only ( Best Deal)

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Let's Talk About Some Untold Health Benefits of Popcorns 

1)      HEALTH BENEFIT: Popcorns are low on the calories and hence are very attractive and easy to make for the diet conscious lot. You can even add other flavours to the popcorn, with absolutely no detrimental effects or changes to your otherwise healthy lifestyle. Popcorn itself includes fiber and is actually beneficial against heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer and also helps you stay within the healthy weight limits.


  2)      A QUICK FIX: Popcorn is the easiest healthy snack to fix in a very short time. Within four minutes, the popcorn maker can give you fresh and healthy, ready to eat popcorn.


3)      SAVE UP: These are the simplest type of healthy snacks which are the lowest in cost, as compared to other snacks. The popcorn you make in this popcorn maker also costs you quite less. The energy consumption is low and the kernels cost much less than the microwaveable popcorn kernels.  


4)      FLAVOURS: There’s an entire world of flavours you can add to these popcorns. From butter, cheese, garlic, salt to caramel, you will never get bored with these puffs! There are endless opportunities to try with these kernels, especially when you have a popcorn maker right at home. It doesn’t matter if you are planning out a movie night, a slumber party or a bonfire in your backyard, these popcorn makers are suited for every occasion.

So, Why Should You Buy From Us?

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  • Buy from us with complete rest of mind. We sell only quality items of value at a reasonable and very competitive price. 

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