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RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE FAN: With built-in rechargerble lithium battery,light-weight and handle design, convenient to carry with when go hiking and travel. HUMIDIFIER FAN: USB mini cooling fan and beauty humidifier 2 in 1, hand misty fan for lasting your makeup or cooling after exercise. TWO FUNCTIONS SEPERATELY OPERATED :Misting mode, fan cooling mode,-fan+misty, always keep your skin fresh. STRONG and QUITE Fan: Special designed double layer flabe, and brushless motor, quite and strong, save energy, creating strongera wind and working logner with the same battery capacity, than the copy ones on the market. PREMIUM QAULITY & FASHIONALBLE DESIGN- The sturdy Misting Spray Fan produces a soft breeze to keep you cool and relaxed.Ultra-quiet and fashionable design make it reliable and affordable. Fashion colorful and multi function design with metel clip,portable,foldable, rehcargeable easy and convenient for using in office,home,outdoor.

Price – N1,250

MOQ – 10


The elastic waistband made of neoprene material. It is suit for women’s body shaper, slimming training and other sports exercises. It is comfortable and so safe to use. 
This fiber waist shaper has strong elasticity. It’s flexible and durable, as soft as plastic bones, not easily deformed.

Multi-size for your choice and perfectly shaping.

Available in Sizes M, L, XL and XXL

Price – N1,500

MOQ – 5

Electric Food Processor - 4 Blades, 2 Litres (Yam Pounder, Meat Grinder, etc)

Can turn boiled yam into pounded yam in seconds.

Can chop, mince or slice potatoes, tomatoes, onions, meat, vegetables, and fruits in seconds.

Can use it to prepare your baby food. Easy to use and blends faster than most manual blenders. Has 4 sharp and detachable SUS304 stainless steel blades Has a 2 Litres capacity bowl. Has a powerful and durable. 300W motor that produces low noise Built with a safety design, press down to start and automatically reset. Easy to clean and all removable parts are dishwasher safe. Made of food-grade material and stainless steel blades. Weighs 1.2KG per piece. Perfect compact size for small kitchen



Price – N4,000

MOQ – 5

HD Vision Driving Glasses

With this glasses you can drive in dark, drive in sunshine,also drive in cloud with clear vision and without problems. A must-have for every driver.




Price – N900

MOQ – 6

Medical Stone Water Filter

There is a solution for you, with this authentic and high-quality filter and purifier your family is safe. It is expandable to fit into any tap mouth Balances the alkaline content of the water with the aid of the magnetic field which makes it safe for drinking. It Has a sieve to sieve even the smallest particles in the water. The sieve is detachable and can be washed periodically and put back. It is valid for one year.

 Features: It improves your health and wellbeing It removes bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and reduce residual chlorine and water impurities It gives perfect tasty water. The filter has an internal organization level to give a rapid purification of layered filtering effect. The filter use magnetization and medical stone to filter water, and it is natural friendly



Price – N420

MOQ – 10

Portable Bottle Umbrella




Price – N1,200

MOQ – 6

Miracle Teething Whitening Powder

Miracle Teeth Whitener is a natural teeth whitening powder that makes your teeth super white, treat gum problem and mouth odour.
You can also use it with toothpaste.Using this powder lets you naturally clean and whiten your teeth without any harsh whiteners. Many people might end up with sensitive gums or sensitive teeth after repeated use of chemical whitening products. However, this particular whitener is one you can use all the time without worrying about the chemical contents of traditional whitening toothpaste in stores. Whiten without bleach or peroxideeasy to use: simply brush on like toothpaste results in as little as one use gentle on teeth & gum activated coconut charcoal powder: helps remove stains from teeth organic orange seed oil. No side effects. It treats gum problem, treats mouth odour /bad breath.



Price – N700

MOQ – 10

Revoflex Xtreme Total Body Workout Kit

Get Your Flat Tummy, Six Packs and Slim Model Look With Revoflex Xtreme. This All-in-One Workout kit enables you to tone your abs, chest, arms and almost every other part of your body. Revoflex Xtreme will bring out your beautiful shape that people cannot resist. Why go to gym when you can bring the gym to your house?
This Product Can Be Used By Both Male and Female It can be used to workout on over 40 different positions



Price – N3,000

MOQ – 5

Rechargeable Blender/Smoothie Maker/Juicer (4 Blades)

This mini blender is suitable for chopped fruits, soft vegetables and liquid. Not suitable for hard ingredients such as frozen fruit or nuts or grains. Gives you a healthy smoothie snack or juice when you need a quick pick me up. You can use any USB charger cable with this USB blender. Truly portable and convenient, blend and drink from the same bottle. Enjoy your fruit juice or smoothie anytime and anywhere. A best gift for your friends and yourself, great ideal for home or accessory for traveling. To use: start by blending very slowly until incorporated in the liquid.



Price – N3,500

MOQ – 5

Kitchen Apron And Pot Holder Glove Set

Fantastic designed aprons with the classic look for a Wonder Woman. Our aprons are made from 100% polyester material, high-quality, oil proof, comfortable, without any strange smelling, and it is also very easy to clean and dry. It has adjustable neck strap and two pockets, this designs is very convenient for you to wear comfortably and put kitchen gadgets in it. And our aprons are suitable for both women and men to wear. With adjustable neck strap design, it is easy and convenient to adjust, and you could adjust it into suitable size for you to wear. Two practical pockets in the front of apron, you could put some small kitchen gadgets in it when you are cooking. With different kinds of patterns in it, looks delicate and fashionable. It is oil-proof, very easy to wash and dry, Without any strange smelling. It is multi-functional, you could wear it in the home kitchen, restaurant, garden, outdoor work or craft table use.



Price – N700

MOQ – 10