ELM 327 Guide

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A small CD is included in your package. This is your guide from the manufacturers.

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Installing The Device Is As Easy as A, B, C...

Step 1: Locate 16pin Connector for Diagnostics [Most of the cars have it in here]

Step 2: Connect SuperMini ELM327 OBD II

Step 3: Put the key in Contact

Step 4: Turn Bluetooth On and find "OBDII"

Step 5: Turn GPS On

Step 6: Go to Torque Application

Step 7: Wait until the phone is connected to OBDII

Step 8: Turn on the Engine and Explore the Application

The following videos will also help you to get started easily:

1) Video Guide For Installing The Device and Connecting It To Your Car and Phone – CLICK HERE.


2) Tutorial how to set ELM327 OBDII on your car – CLICK HERE