Do You Want No More Mechanic Extortion?

Do You Want To Save
Money On Your Car?

If YES, this is probably the best message you will read today.

Let me introduce a device to you.

This device has helped many car owners detect the faults in their cars
and spend less time and money at the auto workshop.


Why This Car Scanner Is A Must-Have For Every Car Owner


It has over 3000 generic codes definition in the database. That is, it can detect over 3000 faults in the car.


It helps you to know the exact faults in your car and also lets you know about developing problems.


Drive with confidence! You save yourself, your car and your mechanic from the agony of guess works.

  • Just as headache could be a symptom of several ailments in human body, any malfunction in a car could be as a result of several issues. The best approach is to run a test on the car/vehicle before doing repairs. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Nigeria. So many car owners have wasted lots of money due to wrong guess works by mechanics. There are over 3,000 possible faults in a car and this scanner can detect them all.
  • Car diagnostic centres charge minimum N5,000 per session to scan your car. If they have to come to your home/office to scan, that’s additional money. When you have this device, you detect the fault yourself before repairs, therefore you spend less money and less time in maintaining your car.

Trusted By Hundreds of Car Owners


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, definitely. There is a CD guide in the pack. In addition, a straight-to-the point video will be sent to your email or whatsapp number immediately after receiving this product. The set up is so easy and straightforward that even my 13 year old boy installed it. 

This car scanner works with vehicles manufactured from year 1996 till date.

No batteries needed whatsoever. It comes on once it is plugged to the OBD 2 Port in the car.

Delivery within Lagos takes 1-2 business days while delivery outside Lagos takes 3-5 business days.

  • Item must be undamaged
  • Item can only be returned if it does not work as described.
  • Item must be returned to our Lagos office.

Kindly see the image below for the possible location of the OBD port in your car. It can either be at location A, B, C, D or E.

Price For One Piece is Normally N10,000.
However, we are currently selling for just N8,000 as our way to support our customers during these trying times.

We will also add a FREE GIFT of a car vacuum cleaner to your order if you order today. This FREE GIFT is for today ONLY.

We also offer FREE DELIVERY within LAGOS and N1,000 delivery cost to other states in Nigeria.

Quantity Left In Stock
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We only have 2 pieces left. So hurry to grab yours.

Once we receive your order, a member of our customer service team will contact you.
For more inquiries, Call/WhatsApp us on 08028965314.

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